If you are having any problems with our products, 

please e-mail us at for assistance.


Q. I've paid for my product, but why haven't I received my instant download?


A. When you finish paying for a product with the "Instant Download" feature, an e-mail will be sent to you immediately that contains the download information and link to the download. 


If you did not receive this e-mail, check the following:

    1) Check your PayPal account for your primary e-mail address. Our e-mails are automatically sent to your primary PayPal e-mail address. For example,  you might be currently using, but you set up your PayPal account months ago using as your primary e-mail account. The download e-mail would have been sent to the hotmail account. You can change your primary e-mail address in the PayPal by:     

        a) logging into your PayPal account, 

        b) clicking on "Profile," 

        c) clicking on "E-Mail" under Account configuration, and 

        d) changing your primary address to the one you currently use.


    2) Make sure you got a receipt for your payment. This ensures that your payment did go through and that you should have received the download e-mail. 


    3) If you paid using your checking account, check or "debit card" that is attached to a checking account,  or "e-check" method, it will take about five days for your e-check to clear. Like real checks, the money must clear our accounts before the download password will automatically be e-mailed to you. 


Q. I accidentally was charged twice for a product. Can I be refunded?


A. Yes. We automatically refund any double payments we find. Please allow up to a week to refund the charge. (It is usually done within 24 hours.) To keep this from happening again, be sure to only click once on the payment button during your checkout process. 

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